Scott is an acoustic guitarist and singer who has performed in Maryland, Virginia and The District of Columbia for over 20 years. Being brought up in a musical family his training began at age 5 when he started formally learning to read music while studying classical piano. This continued into his teens when he began to take an interest in bass and 6 string guitar and building on what he learned from piano taught himself how to play by emulating the popular music of the time. Curiously though, after months of learning how to play the guitar, he also learned that he was playing left handed on a right handed guitar, also known by some as "gypsy style" (hence the name for the site). Though this is not how the guitar was designed to be played and does make some finger contortions and picking somewhat dicey, he chose to adapt to this unconventional style and began performing with his high school jazz band, also participating in his schools Rock and Roll Revival shows playing keyboards and bass guitar. After venturing to also play in several bands during this time, he found he preferred the freedom of performing as a solo acoustic artist with respect for the popular music he grew up with in the 1970,s and 80's. At local open mic nights Scott started to use his unique ability to cover many popular song writers of the era and began to enjoy the attention from many who were impressed by his musical ability and energetic renditions. Strangely, his first professional paying performances took place overseas the month of December 1993 in Copenhagen Denmark when he took the opportunity to travel there and entertain at local downtown pubs. Ever since returning home, he has stayed true to his passion for great music and continues to be inspired by past and recent popular songwriters of contemporary music with a repertoire of over 500 songs, also writing his own songs from time to time in hopes of composing some gems like so many great artists of the last 50 years.

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